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HOW IT WORKS                                                    FAQ's                         

STEP 1:  Free initial consult to discuss pricing/medications and your goals (15-20 minutes via video chat). We will determine if medical weight loss is a good fit for you.

STEP 2: Complete lab work at your preferred lab and one on one analysis of results with provider. Discuss proceeding with treatment and plan of care based on lab results and patient goals (30-45 minutes via video chat).  Labs can be greatly discounted for cash pay . If you have had labs with your PCP in the last 3 months, those can be used for reference instead (if appropriate).

STEP 3: Start treatment course with medications or supplements as desired. At this point, you will meet with me weekly to discuss your progress, concerns and ask me any questions (15 minutes via video chat). You will also have full access to CronoMeter, an app dedicated to weight loss tips, weekly meal planning, macro tracking and customized exercise regimens.


#1 HOW MUCH WEIGHT WILL I LOOSE? This is really up to the patient, and their specific needs. Injectables, for weight loss have been shown to reduce 15-20% of bodyweight with diet and exercise. Most people lose1-2 #'s per week when they are committed to following a program.

#2 ARE THESE MEDICATIONS SAFE ?: Yes, these medications are safe and obtained through a licensed compounding pharmacy who undergoes monitoring by the FDA.  There are only a few reasons not to use the medications, and this will be reviewed at your initial consult, just to make sure these medications are a safe fit for you.

#3 WHAT ARE THE COMMON SIDE EFFECTS?: Side effects can happen. The most common are GI in nature and typically mild, nausea, acid reflux, and constipation are the most common. There are ways we help minimize these effect and will be discussed at your visits.

#4 WILL I LOOSE MUSCLE MASS?: This could happen with any rapid weight loss, however if you participate in the appropriate and recommended weightlifting/resistance/strength training, you will minimize the risk of losing the muscle mass.  Diet and nutrition play a huge role in this as well, such as meeting the recommended protein intake. 
#5 CAN I USE MY INSURNACE?: You can use your insurance for labs, but not for the medications. Many insurance companies will NOT cover the labs or medications, which is WHY we have partnered with a specific lab, that will allow you to have labs at a flat rate often cheaper than going through insurance. Typically, labs are $65-75 depending on what is needed. By using the compounding pharmacies, for medications such as semaglutide & tirzepatide the patient can save 2/3rds the cost. 


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