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Weight Loss Jump Start Starting $300/mo
  • Includes 4 weeks of weekly semaglutide injections and supplies shipped directly to your front door!

  • Access to meal plans, grocery lists, exercise programs

  • Calorie/Macro tracking app

  • Direct communication with your provider via virtual check-ins​

High Five
starting $150 initial visit
then $75/mo
  • Includes customized thyroid and/or hormone medications rx shipped straight to your door!

  • Cost of meds, may vary based on clients needs

  • Discounted thyroid labs

  • Discounted hormone labs

  • Natural supplement recommendations

  • Monthly check-Ins

Strong Man
Testosterone Replacement
Starting $200 initial visit, then $149/mo
  • Initial evaluation includes necessary labs

  • Includes medication Rx to your door

  • Monthly cost of membership includes virtual follow-up visits, medication rx and labs

  • Cost of medications vary with client needs

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